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    La ENTSORGUNGSTECHNIK BAVARIA GmbH opera da trent’anni nell’ambito della gestione dei rifi uti, in qualità di fornitore di soluzioni di sistema e di macchine per il riciclaggio e la separazione di materiale riciclabile. italiano

Authority since more than 25 years

With its broad experience, the Entsorgungstehnik BAVARIA GmbH ranks among the best specialists for your disposal plants.

At our place you obtain everything at one-stop, starting from pressing containers further to wood shredders right up to complete sorting plants.

By means of the exact analysis of your demand and our broad, independent product range, we can offer you economical, competent and personalized solutions.

Solutions, that work!








Papiersortieranlage von Entsorgungstechnik Bavaria - Spezialist für Recycling und Wertstoffrückgewinnung
Paper sorting plant with 50 t/h throughput

Gewerbemuellsortieranlage von Entsorgungstechnik Bavaria - Ihr Team fuer Wertstoffsortierung und Recyclingmaschinen
Sorting plant for trade waste

Elektroschrott-Aufbereitung und Entsorgung
Electronic scrap preparation

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