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    La ENTSORGUNGSTECHNIK BAVARIA GmbH opera da trent’anni nell’ambito della gestione dei rifi uti, in qualità di fornitore di soluzioni di sistema e di macchine per il riciclaggio e la separazione di materiale riciclabile. italiano

Second hand machines

Dear reader,

of course, we are trying to keep also this page up to date. But for all that, it might happen, that a model is already sold out or a machine is not (yet) listed in this table. Shouldn't you find a second-hand machine meeting your demand, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would be pleased to narrow down the search for you.

BY Condition
Further Information

BRT Schubboden Dosier-Bunker

BRT Schubboden Dosier-Bunker

The photos show the bunker when it was new!!

BRT Schubboden Dosier-Bunker BY 2007   Price negotiable € 36.000,00 netto from Germany

subject to prior sale

Length push floor: 15 m
Total Length: ca. 18 m
Width push floor: 2,5 m
Width total: ca. 2,8 m
Load height: 3,4 m
Volume: ca. 80 cbm
Current demand: 1+5,5 kW



BHS Grob und Feinsieb BHS Wide Mesh Screen OCC 15 BY 2007


Price negotiable € 23.000,00 netto from Germany

  • To screen out bigger Cardboard > DIN A4
  • Filter Disk Distance ca. 180 x 240 mm

BHS Grob und Feinsieb BHS Fine Screen DRS 72 -16 BY 2007


Price negotiable € 20.000,00 netto from Germany

  • To screen out small Cardboard and dirt
  • Filter Disk Distance ca. 127 x 127 mm

Redwave 2400 4 PC Near-Infrared Machines  


Price negotiable € 35.000,00 netto from Germany

Red Wave NIR 2400

  • To screen out cardboard > 80 mm length
  • Working width 2.400 mm
  • Kontious Service through the producer
  • Short accelerator belt
Diverse Conveyors


Machine to unroll paper from leftover reels



Price negotiable € 50.000,00 netto from Germany

Max. Reeldiameter
Æ 300 mm
Max. Reelwidth 4320 mm
Min. Reelwidth 400 mm
Max. Reelweight 300 kg
Max. Core-Diameter außen. Æ 180 mm
Min. Core-Diameter außen Æ 100 mm
Cutting-Unit: 8 Blades
Current: 3x400 V, 50 Hz
Steuerspannung, Kontaktoren 24 V DC
Steuerspannung, Ventilen 24 V DC
Steuerspannung, Geber 24 V DC
Steuerspannung, PLC - I/O 24 V DC

Zerkleinerungsanlage Crushing unit for films BY 1994

ready to unse, nearby MUC

€ 7.500 assembled from
Kunststoffmühle WIGA, 11 kW
Conveyor, Zyklone for the filling of BigBags
Pressing container diverse Pressing container diverse     on application